Monday, 17 March 2014

Various Artists - Ideal Guest House - Shelter 1

You would be forgiven if you, as a connoisseur of mid-1980s indie, looked at the tracklisting below and thought 'I've got all those', because you probably have. This is a fairly standard lineup of the time, from the Wedding Present to Stump to BMX Bandits with Chumbawumba and a couple of outliers like Stitched Back Foot Airman and  Pigbros thrown in. What makes it more interesting than most is that all the tracks are linked by Ted Chippington, who was on the verge of being an accidental pop star with the Vindaloo All-Stars and his deadpan delivery of 'Rocking With Rita'.
Here though, he presents the songs with the assured skill and delivery that has made him the target of flying pints and derision and not a little acclaim for some thirty years. If you know this, you'll enjoy listening to both sides in their entirety. If not, I'll get around to cutting the tracks out individually eventually, but it really won't be as much fun.
If you want to hear more of a man gamely dying on stages across the country over 20 or so years, the box set 'Walking Down the Road: A History' occasionally surfaces although the original print has long sold out.

Side One:

  1. Big Flame - Man of Few Syllables
  2. The Wedding Present - You Should Always Keep in Touch With Your Friends (version)
  3. The Soup Dragons - Fair's Fair
  4. The Creepers - Sharper and Wider
  5. The Shop Assistants - Home Again (Live)
  6. The June Brides - This Town (acoustic)
  7. Rob Grant with Yeah Yeah Noh - Mr Hammond has Breakfast in Bed

Side Two:

  1. Stump - Kitchen Table
  2. The Legend! - Everything's Coming Up Roses
  3. Pigbros - Barren Land
  4. Stitched Back Foot Airman - The Deadly Spore
  5. BMX Bandits - Sad?
  6. Bogshed - Jobless Youngsters
  7. Chumbawamba - Kinnochio

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